Thursday, October 24, 2013

Taiyou no Ie

so, i basically brought this blog back from the dead because i wanted to keep track of my favorite chapters from the mangas i read. (*cough* *cough* romantic chapters *cough* *cough*) so, i'm starting off with a more recent favorite: Taiyou no Ie.
its about a girl and a group of siblings that were very close when they were young, but were separated for different reasons. later on in life- highschool age for the main girl- they slowly start coming back to live together.

these lists are for people who have read the mangas before. there will be spoilers in the short side descriptions. If you skip the rest of the chapters, you'll basically get hit with the biggest spoilers and not know whats going on at all.

( i swear, this artist draws the best hugs. i don't know that i would usually count hugs because sometimes they bore me, but these were done very well.)
chapter 3 (end): holding hands
chapter 4 (end): confession
chapter 8 (whole): walking in on him in the bathroom/ compromising position #1
chapter 9: tension rising lean/hug and close faces
chapter 11: (beginning:) funny romantic dream (end): tight hug
chapter 12: (beginning:) ALMOST KISS
chapter 16: (end): sharing cotton candy
chapter 17: head on lap, almost kiss again
chapter 18: got caught lean-hugging (comedic)
chapter 19: compromising position #2
chapter 23: kiss each other on the cheek- still pretending its platonic (i sound sarcastic, but i love it)
chapter 26: (end) funny back massage
chapter 28: daiki hug
chapter 29: another great hug
chapter 32: kiss.

this manga is ongoing, so i'll keep adding as fun stuff occurs!