Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hana Kimi

chapter summaries. don't know where you are in the story? don't know where your favorite (romantic) parts are? look no more, though beware: spoilers.

chapter 1: intro to all the characters. sleeping sano leans on mizuki, falls on top and wakes up. the chapter ends with sano picking up an unconsious mizuki, feeling her up, and realizing she's a girl.
chapter2: nakatsu's feelings develop, sano save's mizuki from a car (close together)
chapter3: walks in on her while she's showering- sees her back.
chapter4: (end) comforting one hand hug from sano
chapter6: (beginning) sano cracking up. sano shower shot. (last 2 pages) sano kissing monster (drunk).
chapter7: (beginning) first kiss. sano drunk.
chapter10: (end) sano hugs after a successful highjump
chapter11: sleep walk to the wrong bed
chapter12: pass out, sano carries away
chapter15: makita attacks, sano saves, they fall
chapter16: together, fever, kiss (sano kisses unconscious mizuki)
chapter21: sano says, do you want to sleep with me tonight?
chapter22: ashiya gets kidnapped while dressed as a girl, they try to strip her, and sano comes to her rescue
chapter23: (middle) sano is caught staring at mizuki (end) he says he was staring at her, but she doesn't hear
chapter24: lots of light lovey dovey stuff. sano checks her temp in class, they embrace after she freaks out about a grasshopper, etc. nakatsu is affected the whole chapter.
chapter 26:(pg28-29) she congratulates him, he blushes. (end) the reporter begins to peep
chapter 27:sano saves her subtlely, and tells her she won the reporter, because she has him NOW, he wipes her face at lunch, (end) Nakatsu finally realizes his feelings
chapter28: wakes up, head on sano's shoulder, at laundromat, nakatsu hugs her. (end) he confesses.
chapter 29: mizuki wants to watch a scary movie and ends up falling asleep in sano's bed
chapter30: (beginning) she looks at him close and he says he could almost kiss her. (end) close on the train
chapter34: (endish) she runs into sano at the hot springs.
chapter 35: (beginning) the best of the hot springs, (middle) can't look at each other.
chapter 36: general loveydovey chapter. sano shares a jacket with her.
chapter 37: (beginning) react to chapter before, nakatsu is jealous. self conscious. he asks her to stay with him (sleep in his bed again)
chapter 38: julia asks sano if he knows mizuki is a girl. he plays it off. (end) he admits it to her.
chapter 39: (pg 12) he says the reason for staying quiet is he likes her.
chapter 47: sano's shower monolog about how he wants to monopolize her
chapter 48: sano's sexy photoshute
chapter 49: (beginning) she thinks about sano's photos. theres another half sleep home stay. asleep, she tells him he's sexy. they look at the photos later too
chapter 51: (end) the photographer kidnaps mizuki, and sano is mad about it.
chapter 52: some more fun pictures and sano being pretty jealous
chapter 57: school dance stuff starts. mizuki asks sano what type of girl he likes.
chapter 59: mizuki tries on her mini skirt. sano walks in. nosebleed.
chapter 60: more dance drama. mizuki must dance with nakatsu
chapter 61: they end up dancing alone (end)
chapter 62: dance together at the ball
chapter 63: (beginning) sano rests head on her shoulder. sano catches her after she falls ice skating.
chapter 67: sano sleeps at her california residence. he uses her dad's pj's (bare chest)
chapter 68: mizuki mistakes sano for her father, and kisses him goodnight (cheek)
chapter 71ish?: mizuki tickles sano
chapter 75: their dorm visitor tries to wash mizuki's back, sano saves her. (end) fight about how careless she's being. and gilbert being her first kiss. sano almost kisses her. like super almost.
chapter 76: (beginning) the actual almost kiss.
chapter 80: (beginning) mizuki dreams of kissing sano. later- they're running and she falls. she has to get a piggy back ride from sano.
chapter 81: (beginning) sano admits how he feels to nakatsu. he and mizuki go to warm up their food, and he hugs her.
chapter 84: (beginning) accidentally shoves her chest
chapter 85: (end) she gets cut and he licks the blood
chapter 92: (beginning ish) he hugs her middle.
chapter 97: (end) nakatsu tells her to leave sano and be with him
chapter 98: the continuation of that
chapter 103: (end) a hug. but its an extremely loving hug.
chapter 104: "when you cry i don't know what to do" hug
chapter 105: things are getting lovey dovey (end) serious talk with foreheads together. plus an awesome hug from little brother sano.
chapter 110: sano and mizuki end up sharing a bed to make room for someone.
chapter 114: (beginning) telling sano what nakatsu said to her. this is also the chapter where he tells her he likes her independent of her gender
chapter 119: making valentines chocolates
chapter 120: she gives him the chocolates.
chapter 121: previous situation continues, but the chapter ends with them holding hands.
chapter 122: holding hands, and back to the dorm.
chapter 123: same bowling team. tense. awkward. you can tell the main climax is coming.
chapter 124: they get stuck in the rain after bowling. arm around her. she asks him what he meant, and he answers just as vaguely as before. (end) he grabs her hand to take her somewhere.
chapter 125: sano finally explains: he's in love with her. she blushes. he runs.
chapter 126: he asks for a reply, and she gives him a hard one. (lie) (end) she trips, he catches her and wont let go.
chapter 127: she admits she loves him back. (kiss)
chapter 128: she's awkward around him and he tells her not to worry
chapter 129: doing homework together. he tells her to stay. they hold hands.
chapter 130: (end) sano says he knew about her being a girl all along
chapter 131: the truth comes out.
chapter 132: their decision: to let her stay for now.
chapter 133: after she got caught: kiss.
chapter 141: (endish) comforting hugs
chapter 144: (middle) hug. one last sleep over. (end) sano comes to see her in cali
chapter 146: sekime's wedding
chapter 147.4: sano tells his family he's going to marry mizuki

kisses: 4
sleep overs: 7

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Taiyou no Ie

so, i basically brought this blog back from the dead because i wanted to keep track of my favorite chapters from the mangas i read. (*cough* *cough* romantic chapters *cough* *cough*) so, i'm starting off with a more recent favorite: Taiyou no Ie.
its about a girl and a group of siblings that were very close when they were young, but were separated for different reasons. later on in life- highschool age for the main girl- they slowly start coming back to live together.

these lists are for people who have read the mangas before. there will be spoilers in the short side descriptions. If you skip the rest of the chapters, you'll basically get hit with the biggest spoilers and not know whats going on at all.

( i swear, this artist draws the best hugs. i don't know that i would usually count hugs because sometimes they bore me, but these were done very well.)
chapter 3 (end): holding hands
chapter 4 (end): confession
chapter 8 (whole): walking in on him in the bathroom/ compromising position #1
chapter 9: tension rising lean/hug and close faces
chapter 11: (beginning:) funny romantic dream (end): tight hug
chapter 12: (beginning:) ALMOST KISS
chapter 16: (end): sharing cotton candy
chapter 17: head on lap, almost kiss again
chapter 18: got caught lean-hugging (comedic)
chapter 19: compromising position #2
chapter 23: kiss each other on the cheek- still pretending its platonic (i sound sarcastic, but i love it)
chapter 26: (end) funny back massage
chapter 28: daiki hug
chapter 29: another great hug
chapter 32: kiss.

this manga is ongoing, so i'll keep adding as fun stuff occurs!